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Thank you for supporting our efforts to #FreeChrystul and for using the Free Chrystul Kizer and All Criminalized Survivors: A Curriculum. This curriculum is an adapted version of the “Criminalizing Bresha Meadows: A Teach-In” written by Mariame Kaba of Survived and Punished in 2016 for the #FreeBresha campaign. Kaba wrote the “Defining Criminalization” and “Timeline Activity” and created the flow of the curriulum while organizers of the Hands of Chrystul Kizer campaign added information to highlight Chrystul Kizer and the criminalization of sex trafficking survivors. Our goal in adapting this curriculum is provide people a tool to inform their communities about the criminalization of sex trafficking survival and the specific fators that led to the criminalization of Chrystul Kizer. We are grateful to Bresha Meadows and her fight for freedom which made this curriculum possible. Thank to Mariame Kaba of Survived and Punished for allowing our campaign to adapt her curriculum. Thank you to all criminalized survivors who are teaching us how to fight for freedom!

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